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Seriously? How much morpine?

Oh what a time we’ve been having.

I had one patient die on me the other day. We’d been giving him Rox q2 for a couple days and his end stage dementia combined with COPD and a few other underlying issues finally pushed him out the door. He went a little rough but it was relatively quick.

This is the second person to die on my watch. I guess now that my streak is broken, it doesn’t really matter; “The first one is expensive but all the rest are free.”


I order the meds for my unit. The narcotics are ordered by the Unit Charge Nurse, a malicious condescending creature who has been pissing off a lot of people lately.

I did my count when I got off duty this morning. In –ONE—med locker for the A side of the wing (19 residents) I have 181 syringes of morphine!!!!!! One hundred eighty one. B side has 17. I have enough roxonal right now to send the entire facility resident population t the Eternal Care Unit. The pisser is that half of that rox is d/c’ed and just hasn’t been wasted yet. My Next Highers keep saying they will come and pick them up, but never do. My end of shifts are starting to look like a bad Sesame Street episode in a rough neighborhood as my relief counts aloud and tosses a narcotic filled syringe into a bag with each verbalized number.

One resident who just went on hospice and has –NO- PRN for rox and gets it on orders q6 has 120 syringes!


Last night I came in and was waiting by the time clock to punch in. The night supervisor came in and said hello. She looked and sounded fine.

When the night supervisor got to the scheduling board she saw that instead of supervising only, she was to take the keys and have a unit (Wing 2). Now this is a supervisor who would rather receive a razor ribbon enema than “take keys”.

She went to the off going supervisor (coming of an 8) and said she had a sore throat and was going home and she left! The remaining supervisor had to a double and her sister who car pooled in with her was also stuck! About 2 hours later the sore throat supervisor showed up in a very quiet and humble mood and took keys and went to work, relieving the other supervisor and her sister. Appearantly the higher ups called her at home and explained the facts of life and the realities of future unemployment. A very embarrassing situation for all who were around.

I have a different view about work. If you don’t like your job, don’t show up. You can bitch and moan but the end result is that you can always leave if you don’t like it. Should work treat us better? Yes. Do we have a right to complain? Probably. Does work have an obligation to act on our complaints? No. It’s a free market system; if work gets really unbearable then they will lose staff and have to shut their doors. As much as employers should treat staff well, staff has the whip hand since they can always leave.

I need a job. I balance my need and desire for a job against the amount of stress, heartache and mind numbing hours work gives me. At the moment I come out ahead. For the moment.


Walk into work the other night and step into The Octagon (as I call the nursing station). The 2 nurses I am relieving are very quiet.

ME: Whats up?
OTHER NURSE: There’s some big trouble going down. The state is going to have to come by!
ME: (sphincter tightening) Whats wrong?
OTHER NURSE: (name of resident) climbed out his room window and got outside!
ME: No shit?! When?
OTHER NURSE: This shift about 2 hours ago. I was doing med pass and heard someone pounding on the fire door. I looked through the window covering and saw it was (resident name). He wanted to come back in.
ME: No doubt he forgot where he parked and wanted us to call him a cab.
OTHER NURSE: This is serious and its not funny! The state is going to be here to investigate.
ME: It is funny, especially since it didn’t happen on my shift. Likewise it’s not serious since I’m not at fault here. No one is. The guys an elopement risk. The only reason he hasn’t broken out before is because his VCR was working and we gave him all the surplus tapes we were going to throw away when the facility switched to cable and DVD’s. I guess he finally finished watching them all.
OTHER NURSE: This isn’t funny! There going to be an investigation! The state is coming!
ME: And they’ll find it’s no ones fault, we did all we could and documented what we did. So lets count, give me the keys and before you leave, call maintainance and have them come by and nail his windows shut.

And that’s what they did!


We are wicked shortstaffed on nurses at night. Now one is getting ready to on maternity leave and another just went on vacation.

They are starting to shuffle people around and I suspect that –very—shortly they are going to put me on Wing 3 which is the money making “Hollywood” (all pimped out) unit.

I can not begin to describe how badly I don’t want to go.

I’m comfortable right where I am. I would learn more on 3 for sure, but right now I need to just have some stability for a few months.


Oh yea, Evil New Slightly Hot Charge Nurse From Hell got written up yesterday. Facility regulations require that all the CNA have a gait belt on their person at all times (although they –almost- never actually use them). Most CNA’s wear it around their waist, under their scrub tops. The Evil New Slightly Hot Charge Nurse From Hell allegedly ‘patted down’ one of the CNA’s to make sure she had her gait belt with her. Big mistake. CNA went to HR and HR asked for a moment of ENSHCNFH’s time…!

Other issues have popped up as well. I don’t think she’ll be around for the Christmas party!
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