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Set the building on fire; do it now.

OK, back with a new hard drive after a wicked and annoying hard drive crash.

The worst part was losing all my applications and some of my un-backed up smut.

Ever see that really classic movie poster for the movie PLATOON? The one with William Defoe on his knees about to die with his arms stretched up towards the heavens as if pleading?

You know, this one:
title or description

I would love for someone to re-stage this photo with the following changes:
Put William Defoe into scrubs w/ name tag, stethoscope, bulging pockets and coffee stains
Change the background of burning jungle to the employee entrance to the facility
Remove the VC w/ AK’s and replace them with supervisors w/ radios and administrators w/ clipboards.
Retitle it NIGHTSHIFT.

That’s how I feel after doing a double and making it out to the parking lot!


Work has been pulling some annoying crap.

They called me up on my day off and said they were short a nurse and would I come in for a half shift to help out. Having seen this movie before and knowing how it ends I asked “what unit will I be on?” Unit 1, I was told. Good, that’s my regular unit. ‘Will I be working alone?” No, there are two nurses on Unit 1 right now; when you show up we will float one to Unit 2 and you and the remaining nurse will cover unit one.


I show up. “Are you punched in yet?” Yup. “There’s been a change, you and the other nurse (who is a new grad/new hire) are going to do this shift as CNA’s.”


Oh man was I pissed. Nothing against CNA’s. The only reason nurses in LTC still have their licenses is because of CNA’s , but I have been a CNA and don’t want to be one again! What really pisses me off was the duplicitous way that they waited until I showed up and punched in (point of no return) before they unloaded this on me.


Nights are pretty slow lately.

The higher ups have been reviewing surveillance tapes of the various wings and are now trying to micromanage the place. When we are between rounds and have completed our tasks and have nothing to do we are no longer allowed to read newspapers, books or do crossword puzzles. If we want something to read, we can read patient charts. Music is no longer permitted. Nightshift staff are not permitted to leave the unit for their meal break; they must consume their meal on the unit (this by the way is contrary to the memo we got 6 months ago saying that all breaks MUST be taken off the unit).

They tried to ding me the other day, saying that they reviewed video of me and I sat at the nurses station for our hours without getting up. My response was that the way my bladder has been lately, that’s impossible. They conceded I may have gotten up once or twice, but I spent 4 hours sitting there doing nothing. I asked what day they were referring to. They told me and I explained that I was sitting there for 4 hours because it was change over night and I was comparing every single medication entry in the NEW medex to the ones in the OLD medex and that because the camera only shows my from the shoulders up sitting behind a high nurses station counter, they could not see the medexes I was working on. Oh. OK, never mind.

Man I have got to get my feces cohesive and start getting back to school. RN can not come fast enough!


I’m still fantasizing about nailing the scheduling coordinator and administrator.

To a cross.

Doused in gasoline.

As a warning to the rest of the REMFS.


In doing my 24 hour chart checks I noticed that about a score of patients had gotten orders prescribing one alcoholic beverage QD PRN. What the f? It seems the Activitys people (of aspirated pretzel fame) decided that pretzels were not sufficiently dangerous on their own and decided to up the ante by having a ‘mocktail party’. That is to say a party where non-alcoholic cocktails would be served.

Seems reasonable.

Then someone decided that since everyone is over the age of 21 by several decades, why not use real booze?


Let me make this clear. Someone decided it was a good idea, and management approved, the giving of alcoholic beverages to folks with assorted dementias.

Screw the residents, they should have whipped some up for the staff.

The absolute corker? As I read the orders for one patient, it said “Resident may have one alcoholic beverage QD PRN”. At the bottome of the page under Existing Dx, it listed this residents ailments as “dementia, hyperlipidemia, HTN, ETOH abuse, ……..etc”

ETOH abuse and you gave him a PRN for Jello shooters?

I am amazed that we always have enough rope for all the goats…..sigh……..
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