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You confuse discipline with foreplay.....

While looking at my pay stub yesterday I noticed that my nighttime differntial was listed as $2.50 instead of $2.00. So I asked my shift supervisor about it:

Me: Hey boss, I was loking at my pay stub and noticed my night shift diff is $2.50 instead of $2.00.
SUPV: Are you complaining?
Me: No, just wondering why the change.
SUPV: Let me see.............
Me: (give boss pay stub)
SUPV: Thats your Charge Nurse diff.
Me: My what?
SUPV: You get an extra fifty cents per hour at night for being the Charge Nurse.
Me: But I'm not the Charge Nurse, I'm a grunt.
SUPV: At night you're the only nurse on the unit, therefore you are the Charge Nurse. Also you are the Fire Response Nurse, Records Nurse, Med Pass Nurse, etc. You're in charge, making you Charge Nurse and getting you an extra half dollar per hour.
Me: Yea, now that I think about it, as the only nurse on the unit, I am the ranking staffer.
SUPV: Anything else?
Me: Still trying to wrap my around the "in charge" I get a badge?
SUPV: A what?
Me: A badge. Something that says "I'm in charge".
SUPV: (looking a bit askance) No.
Me: Do I get a sidearm?
Me: How about a saber?
Me: Can I have anyone flogged?

So I can't have anyone flogged, which does kind of make being Charge Nurse pointless. Or is that just me?
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